Different Face​/​Different Smile​/​Different Time

by KD knows my name

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released July 12, 2010

Recorded, mixed and mastered by the amazing Daniel "Dangelow" Angelow. All artwork by us!

Featuring Dave Williams on guitar. He now plays guitar in THE ADELINES. Check them out here:



all rights reserved


KD knows my name Swansea, UK

3 piece punk rock from Swansea, UK
Formed early 2010

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Track Name: Intro
KD Knows My Name
Track Name: Tomorrow Is The First
You may not think you're perfect: that's because you're not
I hope you feel rejected 'cause I'm all you've got
Well I don't want you anymore, get out of my life
Tomorrow I wont have you and I will be just fine

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life
And i'm forgetting you today
Tomorrow is the first day off the rest of your life
So get used to it that way

Now you are without me so what you gonna do?
Fire at an easy target and pretend you love him too?
Lie to him the same way that you have lied to me?
It aint always as easy as "1, 2, 3"

Well I don't like you either and I'm sorry that I ever did
Why don't you make me feel better and umm... throw yourself off a bridge?
Track Name: You And My Army
Listen to yourself 'cause no one else can tell you who I am
No one else gives a damn about me yet their happy just to rant about me
If you shut off your ears what would you hear? You wouldn't hear a thing
If you just use your own eyes you will see who I really am

I'd say "you've got a lot of nerve," but nerves have feelings
I'd love to say it to your face if you came down from the ceiling

Listen to your friends or listen to me; who do you think knows me better?
Listen to my friends or my enemies; who do you think knows me better?
They may speak their mind but if their mind's made up before they've given a chance for someone else to be themselves then who are you to judge someone else like me?

Listen to yourself because no one else can tell you who I am
Track Name: No Shit, Shylock!
Me and her have got a real, tight bond
She's my Shylock and it wont be long before she tries to cut my heart out
A pound is all you ask for and it's all you get
I only wish I'd ask for you to care not just "to be there"

Because "there" to you
Is right behind my back. As my ships sink I know you laugh
As I kick and I spit and scream and I curse your name
I watched you give my ring away. I'd cross dress just to watch you pay
I'm sick of doing things your way

Me and her have got an understanding: landing arrows in peoples' backs is fine
As long as it's mine
I don't ask for much and thats what I get
I only wish I'd ask for you to care not just "to be there"

I am the fool in the silver casket
Seven times burned and still I haven't learned
You are the perfect picture sitting in your frame