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released February 2, 2011

Special thanks to Daniel "Dangelow" Angelow for recording/mixing/mastering/backing vocals!
All artwork copyrighted to Kristian Davison ;)



all rights reserved


KD knows my name Swansea, UK

3 piece punk rock from Swansea, UK
Formed early 2010

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Track Name: "F" Is For...
I try to go about my day, but they are always in my way
I try to push the thoughts behind, but they are always on my mind

I try to get away from them, but I can't escape them
I try hard not to meet their gaze, but they're always right there in my face
It's just a different story with the same old ending, I'm sick of it all and I'm tired of pretending I'm fine

I try to talk to you, but I can't look you in the eye
I think that you're so cool, but I can't tell you why
You're knocking on my door + you've brought your jugs with you
You make me want to breakdown... BREAKDOWN!
Track Name: Who The Fuck Is Tim?
So unclear even though I've got my beer goggles on
'can't see how you know every word to every song - you find it funny when I get the wrong

So good riddance. Thanks for opening my eyes and taking off your clothes. You promised I could stay the night
How was I to know you double booked? I didn't realise
I thought that we were friends

I'm a rough rough road and I've had too much to drive,
But you still make me drive you home
You're a rough rough road and you're in your ragged heels but you still seem to walk all over me

If we learn from our mistakes I should be so clever right now
I should feel something

I didn't know that you were into ska
Because tonight you've been a fucking skank
I don't know who you are anymore
Track Name: Steam Train
Did I see you last night?
Oh god. My head hurts real bad
Can somebody please tell how many beers I had
I puked up in the sink
I think I puked in my own shoes
Everything was fine until I started on the booze

All aboard the steam train

Not a care in the world not even about who sees me naked
'gonna chase all the girls and pass out later
Not a care in the world not even about who I piss off
'gonna be someone else and pass out later

BREAKDOWN in an alley somewhere
GET UP in a minute I guess
TRY AND find my friends again

Did I meet you last night? Shit! Sorry! I thought you were someone else
Why does everyone here keep talking at me?
.... Why is everyone here twice?! I think I should just go sit down
I think I should ignore my own advice
Track Name: A-hole
A hole filled with dynamite; ready to explode 5pm on concert night
A whole load of disregard. "Shove the bands up my arse, shove the money on my card"
This can't be real. Are you for real? Reeling in the fans; money rod in hand. You really know how to vandalise
(A lie's) been told and told. A lot of tickets sold
A light feeling in your wallet. A lie ability unmatched
A liability to the bands. A license to exploit
A lie, a dick, a-hole

A wholesome person - no where in sight
His bark is kind even in the middle of a bite
A hole-y grin. A holy sin. A crooked nose. A crooked finger shows
The way to go vaguely. "Over there, maybe."
It don't matter to he doesn't even care because everything is fair in promotion and war
When it's just yourself your fighting for. Are you starting battles or wars? There's no competition, just an exploitation petition - sign up and gain admission to find yourself a joke, a lie, a dick, in a hole

(hold) your cards to your chest.
We all know which band is best friends are always winners
You will always lose
Save your money chips stay in
Don't you know the house always wins?